More Savings!

If you are interested in The EisOpt Plan or would like more information please contact our office at

(360) 647-0421

The EisOpt plan is meant for those employers wishing to save money on vision care expenses while still being able to offer a vision benefit to their employees. This is not an insurance plan, but rather a billing plan.

How it works:

  1. The employer chooses the amount of the benefit and whom is eligible. (employee only, employees and family members) Benefits are only used when purchase is made.
  2. The patient presents themselves as an employee of your company
  3. Everything In Sight will call the employer to verify the patient is eligible to receive the benefit.
  4. The patient then receives the lowest prices on the highest quality optical products and service, paying only an amount that is over the allowed benefit set by the employer.

(Example: A patient chooses a $120 frame and single vision lenses $35 for a total of $155. The employer has set a $150 allowance, the patient pays $5, the employer is billed directly by Everything in Sight for the $150.)

*This is not an insurance plan, but an agrees upon billing plan*